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DigBid Auctions bring you plant and machinery on-line. Our innovative online real time auctions deliver a vast selection of instantly available assets straight to your desktop. The end result is a huge selection of readily available stock for buyers looking to add to fleets or one-off purchases.

Only registered users who have been approved as buyers are allowed to purchase lots. To register simply complete the registration form and accept our terms and conditions of business. Registering on the DigBid Auctions site is free!

DigBid Auctions cuts out all the un-necessary clutter that is a feature of many ‘main stream’ auction web sites. Instead we offer a simple tool for conducting straight-forward transactions quickly and efficiently, all in realtime.

First Auctions Coming Soon!

You may submit your details to register as a buyer and be kept informed of developments by clicking here. Your account will then be up and running for our first auctions!